Submission Guidelines

Manuscript Guidelines for Authors:

Manuscript Guidelines for  Authors :

All the authors are requested to submit original unpublished articles in the following manners :

APA Format & Citation Style, 7th edition

  1. Manuscript File :

Remember to send article both in MS Word Compatible file ( that is in .DOC. & .DOCX. formats ) and in PDF. Please mention the appropriate table and figure in the article with proper title and figure number, if any. All the authors are requested to send articles in Times New Roman with 12 font size and double space between lines. Justify the main body of the article and always indent the first line of the paragraphs. Authors should be used A-4  size pages and should be maintained one inch ( 2.54 cm. ) blank space each side of the said page. Preferred Word limit of the main body of the article should be 3000. For those articles having more than 3000 words please contact editor.

Word limit: 2500 to 5000

For Bengali Articles : It should be typed on Avro Keyboard ( kalpurush font ) with 13  font  size and double space.

  1. Organization of the  Manuscript :
  • Cover Page : The Title (font size 14), Authors’ name ( font size 12, Bold ), Contact information with E-mail Id. & Ph. number, Designation of the authors (font size 11, plain) is needed to be attached on the cover page. The font will be in Times New Roman.
  • The Next Page: The Title (font size 14), Authors’ name ( font size 12, Bold ), Designation of the Author ( font size 11, Plain ).
  • Abstract: This page must contain an abstract, summarizing the main theme/subject of the paper. For abstract the word limit will be 250. The font of the abstract will be in Times New Roman and the font size will be 11. The space between lines should be 1.5.
  • Key Words: In the same page, authors are required to mention 5 to 6 key words for the abstract.
    [ For Bengali  Articles :   Title ( font size 15) , Authors’ name ( font size 13,  Bold ),  Designation of the Author  ( font size 12,  Plain )Abstract ( font size 12 ) , Main Body ( font size 13 ).  Should be double spaced between the lines. It should be typed on  Avro  Keyboard ( kalpurush  font).]
  • Main Body : Write the main body of the article as suggested in Manuscript
        1. Graphs and Charts : If authors want to include graphs and charts, they should fit the width of 1 or 2 columns. For points use 12 font sizes, bold type, times new roman format.
        2. Tables and figures : For tables and figures, please use appropriate graphics, to explain, illustrate and summarize concepts, as brief as possible. Title and figure numbers of table and figure should be mentioned below them with same font guidelines (Times New Roman font, 12 font size). Do not write numbers or captions in images, rather place them outline the graph or image, in the page. Tables and figures must be followed by references.
        3. Citations/Question : Author(s) is requested to include (Shorter Quotations) the text within inverted commas (“ “) within the text itself whereas, more than 30 words of the text within inverted commas (“ ”) should be inducted in a separate paragraph from the main body of the text. All the citations/ quotations of the article should be accompanied by precise reference. (Same as endnote : body plus subheading)
        4. References : Authors are requested to follow the APA format to mention the references (sample entries are attached herewith).

            For a detailed guide follow the link:

[For any confusion the authors are requested to see the published journals in our Website]