• What does ‘Journal of Cultural Research Studies’ mean?

‘Journal of Cultural Research Studies’ is an innovative multi-disciplinary platform that gives an opportunity to the Researchers to exhibit their thoughts and works in the international field.

  • How many times is ‘Journal of Cultural Research Studies’ published in a year?

The ‘Journal of Cultural Research Studies’ is published twice in a Year.

  • In which Language it is published?

It is Multi-Lingual Research Journal.

  • Is it a Multi-Disciplinary Journal?

Yes, for details please see Home page.

  • Is ‘Journal of Cultural Research Studies’ an Open accessed Journal?

Yes, in online mode, there is no subscription charge. Anyone can access this journal without making Login.

  • Is there any need to submit the ‘Copyright Transfer Form’ along with the Article?

No, only Authors of the selected Articles will have to submit the Copyright form after the final selection and intimation by the EDITORIAL  BOARD.

  • How do I submit the Article?

The Author(s) are requested to follow author’s guideline for submission. Articles should be sent to-

  • What is the type of this Journal?

This is an Academic Journal seeking research/ non-research based Articles on Cultural Studies, Social Science and Humanities. For details, please see ‘Proposed Areas’ section in Home page.