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I/ we ___________________ the owner of the copyright of the article entitled ______________ Do hereby authorize you to bring out the aforesaid article in the journal published by Journal of Cultural Research Studies.

I/we declare that,

  1. The article ____________ authorized by me/us is an original work.
  2. This write up has not been published from elsewhere.
  3. I/we assure that it will not be submitted anywhere else for publication.
  4. It has not already been sent anywhere for publication.
  5. The article will not infringe on the right up of others.
  6. I/we assign the copyright of this article exclusively to the Journal for its publication.
  7. I/we also assign the copyright to the Journal to use the same in the form (Print/Online) of book or any form of Journal.
  8. It is free from any kind of unlawful statements.
  9. In case of any detection of plagiarism, I/we will not put the blame on the journal. I/we myself/ourselves will take full responsibilities of plagiarism and I/we shall face the consequences.
  10. I/we delegate full authority to the Editor in Chief for any corrections or changes of any article if necessary.
  11. I/we agree for indemnify the Editor in Chief of the Journal against all claims or difficulties arising from any loophole on my/our behalf in the agreement.




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In case of multiple authors corresponding author signs for the co-authors and accepts responsibility for releasing this article on behalf of any and all co-authors.

This agreement should be signed by at least one of the authors who has obtained the assent of the co-authors.

In no way the authorship will be changed after the submission of this agreement signed by the corresponding authors.

Authors are requested to download, sign, scan and send this form with the article.

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